The Hair Movement

Build-Up Be Gone Shampoo



Your hair will be free from limescale, smog, product and other day-to-day build-up. It will feel lighter, brighter and your styles will hold longer.

Build-up weighs the hair down, preventing it from feeling light and from styles lasting.  It also stops the good ingredients from entering the hair shaft.  This shampoo is an exfoliator for your hair and should be used a couple of times a month.  We don't recommend using this shampoo directly after a new color, as it may lift.  However, when using before color treatment, its amazing, as it allows the color pigments to properly enter through the cuticles.  Use a generous amount of product and cleanse you hair from ends to root.  Simply work the  shampoo through the hair (no need to massage) and rinse.  Repeat 2-3 times, depending on build-up. Finish by using The Hair Movement conditioner which best suits you hair type and condition.

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